Official Sanction Information

If you are interested in playing for St. Mike's, and will need a sanction, you must contact the club management before applying to get a sanction.

A player intending to play on a longer term basis in the area governed by one of the following Boards - the New York Board, the Canadian Board or the Australasian Board - must obtain an Official Sanction from Central Council.

A player intending to play on a longer term basis in the area governed by the North American County Board must obtain an Official Sanction or an Official J1 Sanction from Central Council.

Note - A player who has been included on an Inter-County Senior Championship list submitted to the Referee, in accordance with Rules of Specification 2.5 (ii)(a) for a game in the current year’s Championship shall not be eligible to be accepted for Registration as a member of any Club in the North American County Board Jurisdiction.

Exception - A player who has been included on an Inter-County Senior Championship list submitted to the Referee, in accordance with Rules of Specification 2.5 (ii)(a), for a game in the current year’s Championship, who holds a valid current J1 Visa or meets the eligibility requirements to obtain a J1 Visa, and who obtains an Official J1 Sanction may be accepted for registration.

The J1 Visa concerned with this Exception is the J1 Work and Travel Programme Visa only – i.e. the four month Visa for 3rd Level Students.

General Rules

  • A Sanction entitles a player to play with a Club from March 1 until the end of October
  • Sanctions to Canada will not be granted after July 1
  • Sanctions to North America or New York will not be granted after July 20
  • A player who has received a Sanction will not be able to play again with his Club in Ireland for 30 days after the date of approval of his Sanction in Croke Park
  • Sanctions are only available to current members of Clubs in Ireland

For more information, go to Rule 6.11 of the Official Guide.

If you require any further information about Sanctions or Insurance, please visit the Canada GAA website.